January 15, 2014

Zine: OOMK #2 "Print"

OOMK is here to remind you that print is not dead.

Print is dead. We've all heard it before; and with each and every subsequent article about the 'Digital Age' we become more desensitized to it. Our friends are no longer carrying newspapers or paperback books onto the subway but instead hugging close their tablets. And what does this all mean? The issue didn't really concern me until a few years ago when I was interning at a small independent publishing company in Brooklyn. My boss at the time was exploring e-books and how to break into that world. When we talked about it, the separation was clear, the real world and the digital world were two entirely different universes that had yet to collide. There are many logical factors that have spawned the figurative "death" of print: cost, convenience, and a general change of the times. But despite these factors, I remain a stubborn and hopeful advocate of the printed word. 

The second issue of One of My Kind (OOMK), entitled "Print", centers around the "power and enduring role of print in art and activism." Flipping through the first few pages is enough to make readers fall back in love with print. The issue, divided into five sections (Illustrations, Print, Written Words, Photography, and More), provides an eye-opening glimpse into the D.I.Y. community where the medium is especially alive and well.  In 100+ full-color pages, a long list of female-identified artists and writers come together to speak out about their own projects and activism that both directly and indirectly relate to print. Interviews with the Guerilla Girls and See Red Women's Workshop reinforce how essential posters and pamphlets can be to feminist movements. Print is also proven to be a powerful vehicle for discussion. Whether the topic be of sexual objectification in "No More Page Three" or body image in "The Body Narratives," OOMK's second volume addresses those issues that are hard but nevertheless necessary to talk about. In addition to thought provoking pieces, photography, collages, detailed illustration, and more, are strewn throughout to showcase the true beauty of print. 

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Written by Diana Cirullo