January 25, 2014

Tape: Life Model - Come Round

Get lost in Life Model's new shoegaze tape Come Round.

The Internet is a weird place, a place that I am often stuck in. There are enough videos of dogs pretending to be humans to keep me hooked. But sometimes the internet can be surprising: you can be veered away from the speaking animal videos and stumble upon a new band that you really like. This is what happened to me when the internet first showed me Life Model. The five-piece band from Glasgow play shoegaze, noise-pop bangers, and have released a new tape Come Round via Viscerality Records.

The A-side "Come Round" starts off slow, beginning with ethereal pedal notes and warm, rich noise. The guitars then crash in, lifting the song into a euphoric build, until everything falls back down again and makes way for front woman Sophie Evan’s vocals to break through. Her voice is controlled and steady, sweeping us up in a story of waiting too long for something that seems like its never going to happen. With wonderfully simple lyrics like “I bet you’ve kept a count of all the times you’ve been pushed out” – its easy to get lost in the restrained repetition of the melody. The moments of space and breath are powerfully contrasted with interjections of heavy distortion and the consistent force of the drums. "Come Round" is Life Model’s most expansive song to date, and although six-minutes long, it has a perfect sense of pace throughout.

B-side "East Coast’ is a catchy counterpart to the dark and brooding mood of "Come Round." Faster in pace and consistently up-tempo, the movement of the song is carried by the pulse and accent of the rhythm section from start to finish. Sophie's voice and lyrics take the music in a different direction, carrying a weight of sadness with them as they float in and out of audibility. After two blaring chorus’, lead guitarist Chris plays a solo reminiscent of Pale Saints and The Jesus and Mary Chain in its crunchy overdrive and assured delivery. The song finishes just as it started – full of energy and purpose.

 Listen to Life Model on bandcamp.

Tilly Scantlebury, a student from London. She digs contemporary art, playing music, and winning arguments. Tweet at her here.