January 6, 2014

Monday Mix: Soft Things

Dream pop for frozen hearts.

I'm making this mix under a mountain of blankets. I'm temporarily homeless and the heat in my boyfriend's house is broken. I've lived in the north for almost three years now but I think I will consider  this winter my first "real winter." In December, any sight of snowflakes would cause me to glue my face to the window and yelp in excitement, but a month later, I am bitterly trudging through knee-high glaciers and proclaiming my hatred of the snow. But wait! I don't really hate winter! I wish I could freeze the perfect snowball like D.W. to remember all the great times I have had in the snow, but since I do not currently have a freezer to my name, I will try to evoke those times through this playlist.

I have a very vivd memory from my freshman year of college of my friends and I crunching through a frozen, glittering field at 5 a.m. The ice looked like a kaleidoscope, but the next day we returned to the field only to find a muddy expanse. The only music that can represent this memory is dream pop, which is soft and shimmery, like the snow. The synths on most of these songs make me feel like I am floating, particularly on "Silky Eyes" by Puro Instinct. This mix makes me feel warm and fuzzy even when I am in a 40 degree house.

1. "Lemonade" - Braids
2. "All Around and Away We Go (Teen Daze Remix)" - Twin Sister
3. "DIY" - Keep Shelly in Athens
4. "Miss Modular" - Stereolab
5. "Silky Eyes" - Puro Instinct
6. "Thursday" - Asobi Seksu
7. "Into the Wilderness" - Burning Hearts
8. "Today Pills" - Neato Fleets
9. "Snow" - Tiny Fireflies
10. "Fallen Snow [Age of Rockets Remix]" - Au Revoir Simone
11. "Backwards Words" - remambran
12. "Half Asleep" - School of Seven Bells
13. "Flowers in December" - Mazzy Star

Written by Quinn Moreland