January 27, 2014

Monday Mix: Forgive Me

It's not easy to say "I'm sorry."

Despite being subject to years of misinterpretation, one of my earliest memories happened when I was 5 years old. My mom, sister and I were driving home from a day at the beach and either myself or my sister (I truly can't remember), throws my sister's favorite plastic elephant out of the window of the car onto the highway. You're probably wondering: why would she throw her favorite toy out the window? That sounds like something only a brat older sister would do... The answer is that I don't know. This memory is so old that while the details of how it happened are fuzzy, it's what my mom did next that I never forgot. My mom stops the car, on the highway, and darts around traffic to retrieve the little plastic toy. Returning the newly bruised and blackened Dumbo to the car, my sister immediately stopped crying and we continued on home.

This story has always made me think of forgiveness. Maybe because it was me who threw it out the window and was instructed to apologize to my sister or maybe it was because my mom's actions were so indicative of forgiving the both of us for being dumb kids and instead doing what she had to to restore order. I've long lived with a "don't apologize" attitude. I rarely say "I'm sorry" both because I don't transgress against others in a way to warrant it and because maybe if I said it, I wouldn't mean it. Recently though, I've been in the position where not only did I have to apologize, I truly meant it when I said it. Today's mix is a tribute to asking for forgiveness. It's for the times in our lives when our actions are not representative of our true character and we realize that the only restorative path is to say we're sorry.

1. "Forgiven/Forgotten" - Angel Olsen
2. "Mean" - Tweens
3. "Candy + Cigarettes" - Lisa Prank
4. "Bath is Black" - Marika Hackman
5. "Call From Paris" - Starred
6. "Tonight You Belong to Me" - Rose Melberg
7. "Nancy Drew" - Fat Creeps
8.  "Haxel Princess"- Cherry Glazerr
9. "Lupus" - Butter the Children
10. "California" - Mazzy Star
11. "Scumdog" - Gymshorts

Written and mix artwork by Marisa Dabice