January 9, 2014

Diary: Smells Like Queen Spirit Mini-Tour

Rachel from Slutever joins Emily Reo, Yohuna, RL Kelly, and Foie Gras,
as they hit the road for their Smells Like Queen Spirit mini-tour in California.

Back in April, THE LE SIGH reviewed my band Slutever’s self-released “Demos” cassette. It was April 6th, the band’s three year anniversary, and we were driving to Virginia to play a show. The review was one of the greatest things ever written about us, and I can vividly remember my bandmate Nicole reading it aloud to me as I tried very hard not to cry. Six months later, my friend Marisa Dabice, who fronts America's coolest band, Mannequin Pussy, asked if I had any interest in writing for THE LE SIGH myself. To give some perspective, I had just moved to Los Angeles, Slutever hadn’t played a show in five months, and my days were largely spent watching Pretty Little Liars. Obviously, I was beyond excited and ready to end my temporary hiatus from punk rock music.

This past weekend, my new friend Emily asked if I wanted to join her for a mini-tour to San Francisco. Instantly I knew I had found my introductory piece for the site. I decided to document our trip in a handwritten tour diary. I met Emily on New Years Eve – we played Mario Kart and talked about our recent moves from the East Coast. A few days later, my roommate, Faye Orlove, invited me to the Smells Like Queen Spirit kickoff show at the Church on York. There I met Rachel and Johanne. Two days later, along with Emily’s BF Noah, we crammed into a car and headed to SF!

Listen to Emily ReoYohuha, RL Kelly, and Foi Gras.

Show poster by Faye Orlove.

Rachel Gagliardi, a musician who spends most days watching reality television, wearing velvet, and listening to cassettes. Her happy place is thrift shopping alone. Follow her band on twitter.