January 7, 2014

7": SALES - "Renee" / "Tonka Time"

SALES' 7"two songs of synthy-pop wonderfulness.

I don’t think my love of music needs any sort of justification, but just in case you didn’t already know: I think music is the best thing about living. I play it when I’m in my car, getting ready for work, and just about any time I can possibly can. My favorite way to listen to music (yes, I have one of those) is to lie in bed, in complete darkness, and put on an album I’m in the mood for. I close my eyes and let my ears substitute for vision. When I first listened to SALES’ new 7" "Renee" / "Tonka Time", I knew those songs were definitely lie-in-the-dark-worthy.

The split’s first song, “Renee,” begins with a catchy little guitar riff. Singer Lauren Morgan coos over the riff with an abstract melody. It’s a song you can sing along to, but it isn’t laced with major chords, as a typical sugary-sweet melody would. Morgan’s voice is sweet but distinctive and the words they have written flow out of her throat perfectly. Just when you think “Renee” is going to be a pleasant, acoustic pop song, guitarist and producer Jordan Shih sneaks up from behind and adds a mellow beat that really flows well with the simplicity of the song. “Tonka Time”, has a slow build, from quiet to powerful, and this has to do with their specific keyboards and programming. SALES manages to work in another lovely guitar riff in this song too; it seems to be their specialty. It’s obvious that Morgan and Shih work well together as musicians. They both know exactly what kind of music they want to make and it shows in these wonderfully crafted songs. If you want to listen to SALES in the dark, or wherever it is you listen to music, you can buy their new 7".

Listen to SALES on bandcamp.

Kayla Kinney, a writer and musician from the south suburbs of Chicago and you can read her tweets here. When she isn't busy scouting out new music to listen to, she likes to watch reruns of The X-Files and obsess over anything Daniel Clowes has ever created.