December 16, 2013

Monday Mix: Secret Sounds Pt. II

The sequel to the original "Secret Sounds" mix. 

A few months back we made a conscious effort to highlight underground (and seriously underrated) music in our "Secret Sounds" mixtape. Today "Secret Sounds" returns with a second round of mysterious talent; and like the original playlist, the sequel ranges in genre from energetic pop to dirty punk and should have you dancing like a fool on the subway during your morning commute. With all of the "Best of 2013" lists surfacing over the blogosphere, we wanted to tip our hats to the bands that we discovered this year amongst the clutter that might've not  been featured on our site. We hope you enjoy and keep an eye on these super cool bands in 2014.

1. "Visits" - BOYTOY
2. "Meat In Your Teeth" - No Ditching
3. "I Cannot Play Guitar" - Mean Bikini
4. "The Clap" - The Porcharitas
5. "I Only Fucked You as a Joke"- CHILDBIRTH
6. "Take It Straight" - Total Trash
7. "Partners In Crime" - Levitations
8. "Fit In" - Manors
9.  "Lose My Cool" - Crabapple
10. "Porn Star Love" - Las Feas

Written by  Diana Cirullo