December 2, 2013

Monday Mix: Fvck The Media

Liz Pelly and Faye Orlove of FVCK THE MEDIA share their favorite songs of 2013 

In late May of this year I discovered my first issue (their fifth) of Fvck The Media. It didn't matter that it was my first time to the site, it immediately felt familiar and appealed to all the things I love and respect about a good publication: great design, interesting interviews and features, pop culture and opinion pieces, comics, horoscopes, weekly mixes... the list goes on. Ever since that first issue, I have looked forward to every other Friday for the next opportunity to devour the words in the newest issue of The Media. They have inspired me to begin work on several topics I've been giving a lot of thought to and their expansive list of contributors continually challenges and intrigues me with every issue.

As with every great idea, The Media also has amibtious plans for the future and Fvck The Media is no different. Faye and Liz want to expand their place on the Internet into the print world. In order to accomplish this they are hosting a show at Silent Barn with some of our favorite bands (Priests, Heavy Bangs, Noun, and Arm Candy) this Friday, December 6th. We will be there Friday to support and encourage everyone to come out for this great event.

Liz and Faye on Fvck The Media's Monday Mix:

"If 'The Media' were a suggested movie on Netflix, they'd probably tell you to watch it after you gave 5 stars to Madonna: Truth or Dare. It's black and white, attempts to expose truth behind the illusions of mainstream media, it's an ode to feminist ideals, artistic integrity, and lookin' good. And if this mix were a Netflix movie, it would probably be under the category: 2013 Favorites with a Strong Female Lead. 

"The Media" ( is a little space on the Internet that we're very proud of: it's an advertisement-free online weekly, with features, interviews, personal essays, reviews, rants, mixtapes, comics, calendars, horoscopes, videos, artwork, and lots of other stuff. We launched it in May. Before starting the site, we both worked at an alt-weekly newspaper in Boston, but it shut down, and we had too many ideas to not start something new. In some ways, "The Media" was a reaction to a negative situation (finding ourselves in a world with a media system we wanted nothing to do with, finding ourselves in a city with no alt-weekly anymore) but since launching, it has become something completely different: a decentralized online newspaper mixing an anti-corporate ethos and radical political leanings with underground music and pop culture appreciation. And a sense of humor. If you want to check it out, our first issue and mission statement and "manifesto mixtape" are good places to start, as well as our archive page. 

2013 was an important year for us, full of moments of excitement and boredom and adventure and restlessness and stress and friendship. Highs and lows; beginnings and ends; early mornings and late nights in our little Boston apartments. These are some songs that soundtracked those moments and months and eventually, the whole year. 

Since we first dreamed up 'The Media' one springtime night in Harvard Square, it's been our dream to produce a print version. Our goal is to make print volumes containing writing and artwork from 15 or so issues each. In order to raise money for this big venture, we're hosting a show this Friday 12/6 in Brooklyn with Priests, Heavy Bangs, Noun, and Arm Candy. The show is all ages, 10 dollars, and at the Silent Barn at 603 Bushwick Avenue. We're so excited about the line-up, because all of these bands are incredible, and also because every band playing features at least one member who has contributed to the site. We are so grateful for collaborations like this. And friendship. We are probably most grateful for friendship above all.

Before the music starts on Friday, we're hosting our third public editorial meeting at 7pm. The first two of these meetings took play at FMLY Fest Boston and Allston DIY Fest; we are excited to host the third at an inclusive, all-ages community-oriented space like the Silent Barn. Our public editorial meetings are usually a cross between a media literacy workshop and an open group chat where anyone can voice their ideas about future stories/issues of 'The Media' as well as their thoughts about what topics and ideas they think are underrepresented in 'media' in general.

See you this weekend? Until then ~ enjoy this mix!"

Check out Fvck The Media here.

Written by Marisa Dabice