December 9, 2013

Monday Mix: Crying

Crying loves Japanese rock and here's why.

It's getting late, but you've gotta make that long, cold walk to the library, girl's gotta study, ya know? You pull your backpack off your shoulders, give a slight wave to the kid who lived up the hall from you freshman year, and dig around for your iPod. But what music could possibly warm your frozen little heart? The answer is Crying, whose cheery tunes can even make a 20 page paper seem less depressing.

There was no way I couldn't fall in love with Crying when their debut EP Get Olde was released by Double Double Whammy back in August. In roughly 15 minutes, Elaiza Santos, Nick Corbo, and Ryan Galloway create sweet chiptune pop about a snack trifecta aka doritos, beer, and chocolate milk. But life is more than snacking, and the act of crying is not usually due to happiness, so many of the lyrics also address the less pleasant parts of life, like growing old (GET OLDE!). Since chiptune is made from the sounds of gameboys and computers, and since Japan is technology central, it seemed appropriate to have Crying create a mix of their favorite Japanese bands!

Ryan Galloway on Crying's Monday Mix:

"Female-fronted Japanese bands! I'm pretty sure only the last song is from a band that's not also female-led (cool!). A lot of these women have fairly long histories of Rocking 'n' Rolling. A few of them are young gunners looking to start shred dynasties. There's a considerable amount of twin guitar whimsy, some furious slap bass (just open your minds for once), and one instance of show tine/easy listening pastiche. The instrumental section in the middle of the tricot song is worth the whole trip, so at least listen to that if not everything else. Just have a blast with the mix. Japan!

Listen to more Crying on bandcamp.

Written by Quinn Moreland