December 17, 2013

EP: Sweet Shoppe - Taste It

Sweet Shoppe have left a sickeningly sweet taste in my mouth, 
but I won’t be brushing my teeth anytime soon.

In Austalia’s capital city, the local label to live off is Cinnamon Records, and recently that label has lent us all a Christmas miracle with the birth of the new Cinnamon supergroup, Sweet Shoppe; Anja Loughhead, Jordan Rodger, Mathew Clarke and Gus McGrath. Their debut, Taste It, is six tracks in length and bursts at the seams with intensity; nothing you would anticipate from a band accompanied with the inkling of caramelized candy and Charleston Chews. New Wave influences courtesy of bands like the B52’s and keyboard lines that have the potential to be accompanied with a middle-aged man yelling wavily – “incoming transmission!” – as he introduces tracks like "Radio Euphoria", have coated this release with exuberance and knee-bucking giddiness.

So when lead vocalist Anja bursts into the opening track with a yelp, everyone’s second-guessing themselves as we hear this woman howl lines like: “Like a bitch on a leash / I howl beneath / beneath the moon”. After you’re five tracks through and you’re hit with the waves of impact Sweet Shoppe have sent right through you, energized and eager, Taste It draws to an end with a dawdling eerie jam that send chills down your spine, and it feels as though the band has tip-toed out of sight as Anja leaves us with the line, “I want to be / to be the girl to make you bleed / I want to consume your limbs and spit you out”, summarizing the sickeningly-sweet taste of the EP in its entirety. With guitar-lines that leave an aftertaste under your tongue and phrases repeated so many times you’ll get a toothache once you’re unknowingly singing along, Sweet Shoppe will undoubtedly weave their way into your brains with this debut. Fortunately, though, the infection Taste It will leave you with is worth much more that this EP is priced at on their bandcamp page.


Listen to more Sweet Shoppe on bandcamp.

Madalyn Trewin, a scrawny Australian teenager, who is feeding her obsession with dogs, David Lynch and Daniel Johnston twenty-four hours a day. If not that, she's writing about things she likes and saturating her friends in glitter so she can take photos of them to post onto her blog.