December 12, 2013

EP: Marge - Marge
Philly's Marge is the best thing we've figured out all week. 

Living in the suburbs of Chicago during the winter months can take quite a toll on you. Skies get gloomier, snow piles up on the ground, and temperatures dip to below freezing. Marge probably has a similar experience, being from Philadelphia, but their music sounds like it’s straight from an oceanside town in Southern California. Upon my first listen to their music, I felt like I was on a palm tree-lined beach and I was taken out of the dreary Chicago weather for a few minutes – I could almost smell the salty sea air. Marge’s Bandcamp page only features two songs along with a drawn image of four girls, which I can only assume these are the girls in Marge. Underneath the two-dimensional versions of the girls is a banner stating “Marge, We’re Figuring It Out”. As far as I can tell, Marge has quite a lot figured out.

First song “” contains a sweet melody and soft vocals from singers Eisenhower and Weiss. With a super catchy chorus and lovely harmonies, it’s definitely a song to put on a road trip mix. The second song, “Raincheck,” begins with a simple yet awesome riff and immediately kicks into a memorable melody. The lyrics suggest that the song's about a relationship gone wrong, so much that it gives the writer a headache that’s “tugging at her tendrils”. Marge has something in common with the other bands we've featured – anyone can relate to them. We’ve all had that awful relationship, be it romantic or friendly, that has gone wrong and has perhaps inspired a piece of art. Marge, don’t second guess yourself. You know what you’re doing.


Listen to more Marge on bandcamp.

Kayla Kinney, a writer and musician from the south suburbs of Chicago and you can read her tweets here. When she isn't busy scouting out new music to listen to, she likes to watch reruns of The X-Files and obsess over anything Daniel Clowes has ever created.