December 5, 2013

EP: Ings - Dog Physics

Ings can even make the word "dude" sound ethereal.

Ings Chiles is a 20-something, dream-folk singer from Springfield, Missouri. She seems to do it all – play electric ukulele, bells, piano and sing as lead vocalist. Most of the songs on her hew newest release, Dog Physics, were written while sitting on her bed and each features a rotating cast of musicians.

Dog Physics is a cohesive, poetic and strum-heavy album that's precise and jumps between soft instrumentals and passionate ballads. Ings is a distant, head-in-the-clouds vocalist who has a knack for adding interesting sounds to her tracks. Her lyrics are soulful and witty in first song, “SoND”, which opens with ukulele and guitar-picking. On “SoND” Ings sings, “giving up your old ghost and nothing else, sometimes you’re dedicated to yourself / I don’t want you to disappear into some new dude." The lyrics aptly describe friends who spiral into self-involvement and get lost in romance. It's easy to relate to this sentiment because most young people have witnessed or experienced something close.

“Dogs are Aliens” and “Dog Physics” were two standout tracks on the collection. In “Dogs are Aliens”, Ings couples an upbeat tone with droll lyrics. She sings, “Friends: a remedy for solitude, but not the kind that follow you /  A person that you really know / Cigarettes are just a type of food”. Concluding and title track, “Dog Physics”, includes slide guitar, soft shakers and crashy noises. It's here that Ings gets experimental on the EP and belts her lyrics instead of cooing them. The instrumentals on Dog Physics are both careful and mesmerizing, and lucky for us her full-length debut comes out next year.


Check out more from Ings on bandcamp.

Faith Masi is a (soon to be) graduate of American University in DC. She is deeply interested in artistic expression, wasabi peas and documentaries. Check out her column called FaceTime on WVAU or peruse her blog.