December 31, 2013

LP: free cake for every creature - young professional

End the year on a good note with free cake for every creature's fuzz rock gems.

I was about halfway done writing my review of free cake for every creature's debut tape shitty beginnings when Katie Bennett told me that she was recording something new. Her first album was great to discover right after graduation; the songs on the collection address the strange feelings that come along with any type of change. However, as we tend to learn, change only becomes easier with time.

free cake for every creature's second full-length, young professional, is an appropriate sequel to shitty beginnings. The 10-track album takes listeners on the journey of one girl's post-grad struggle to grow comfortable in her own skin.  Each fuzzy song is simple and honest, making it inevitable to copy and paste yourself into its lyrics. The girl presented in young professional is a stark contrast from the insecure, sometimes nervous one in shitty beginnings who wonders "what do you want from me?" In this album, Katie gets downright silly and isn't afraid to make fun of herself or make weird noises (glug glug glug glug). "too old to be a punk rock prodigy" is particularly humorous. Here she pokes fun at getting older and the way a few more years can make us feel – "I look too young but feel too old to do a lot of things / like a wear a pumpkin pin to work or paint my nails green." And even in a love song as serious as "don't go away ahumfp acgroomf", a playful line like "Don't want to turn crazy like Virginia Wolf / just wanna talk to you" is sure to crack smile. As Katie has already figured out, the year following graduation can be strange and uncomfortable but isn't so bad if you can joke about it.


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Written by Diana Cirullo