November 8, 2013

Demos: Heavy Bangs - Demos

Heavy Bangs, heavy tunes. 

The other day I found twenty dollars on the ground and discovered Heavy Bangs. Usually I spend a large amount of time searching for female bands on the internet, so when Sam from Radiator Hospital posted Heavy Bangs' debut track, “All the Girls,” on Facebook, I felt like I just found free money. Philadelphia's Heavy Bangs is composed of Cynthia Schemmer (of Radiator Hospital), Grace Ambrose, Laura Reeves, and Ramsey Beyer. The band is releasing more tracks in the next few months, but for now, we will have to be satisfied with demos that are quickly being released on bandcamp.

This review was originally limited to "All the Girls", but within a week, Heavy Bangs added another song to their online repertoire, "Look At Them." Both songs depart from the somewhat inescapable trend of sardonic or sarcastic toned lo-fi songs. Instead, the band uses surfy, distorted haze and subtle 60s girl group harmonies, particularly in the soft crooning of "All the Girls". Although those elements are not new, the sound Heavy Bangs has created is extremely refreshing. Keep an eye out for more tracks from Heavy Bangs, I know I will be.


Listen to Heavy Bangs' demos on bandcamp.

Written by Quinn Moreland