November 29, 2013

EP: Infinity Crush - sometimes even in my dreams i am

Brave the cold with Infinity Crush's warm and fuzzy pop songs.

When an artist breaks away from their usual style it can either be an incredible hit or an incredible miss. Taylor Swift's transition from country to pop was one of those hits, whereas Liz Phair's attempt to release a rap album was one of those memorable misses. Maryland's Infinity Crush released sometimes even in my dreams i am earlier this month and it vastly differs from anything they've released before. The duo is comprised of our friends Caroline White and Dan Cordero; the two have a reputation of releasing seriously sad lo-fi songs. And by seriously sad, I really, really do mean heartbreaking in the most vulnerable way possible. Our write-up of their Stumble Pretty cassette last Spring explained how all of the songs made our hearts hurt but this review isn't going to be anything like that.

sometimes even in my dreams i am strays from past releases stylistically but also in its concept. It's poppy, lighthearted, fun, and a wonderful leap of maturity for the band. The collection is only around six minutes long but each mini-tune warms my heart in a different way. Infinity Crush has always reminded me of winter and breakups, but for the first time these new songs make me feel otherwise. "Poison Ivy", one of the tracks that I first heard on Tumblr, makes me think of freshly cut grass and being smitten during the summertime. Catchy verses and silly lines like "Eat me out til you get bored / Let me be your reward" make this song and the others go by fast, consequentially leaving us wanting more. But what's a good pop song that doesn't leave you wanting more? We can only hope two things: Infinity Crush returns with a few more pop numbers and that someone will do us all the favor of putting this out on cassette. Until then I will fall in love with no one to "Sweet Talk" and sing the lyrics to "Whatever" in the shower because "I'm sixteen forever and life is so whatever."


Listen to more Infinity Crush on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo