October 10, 2013

Track: Evil Sword - "Always Hungry"

There’s something spine-chilling in the air this month and Evil Sword is to blame.

Evil Sword is just the thing you’ll need when you’re walking to your best friend’s place for their Halloween party later this month. You’ll be in your wicked witch costume, and you probably won’t feel like getting an earful of commentary from bystanders. As an alternative, I recommend you shove your headphones in and get an earful of Evil Sword’s recently released single "Always Hungry" to hype you up for the night of fright ahead of you.

"Always Hungry" opens up with a flowing flute line that, upon first listen, I pictured a peasant whistling along to while he focused on his footwork as he skipped around his village. Before more instruments punched through that I would have struggled to name with my limited knowledge of primitive instrumentation, the lead vocalist burst into the track, and abruptly made me forget about the peasant I had fallen in love with earlier; this girl coated in dust and dirt probably just hurled all over him when she crawled out of a hole and spat out “I am the most hideous ogre / I am going to knock you over” with unwavering aggression. Making out the words she continues to vomit out is a struggle until it reaches the chorus, made up of a quick beat for you to clap along with, provoking you to shriek in agreement “I’m always hungry / I’m always hungry”. As the lead vocalist grunts about her stomach being a bottomless pit and the bass line never dithers you can’t help but fall into hypnosis with Evil Sword’s endless surge of aggression that refuses to falter. You’ll probably feel like listening to The Boredoms and shoving a hearty meal down your throat or sitting down to watch Rob Zombie’s Lord of Salem over a medieval feast with some good friends after you’re hooked on Evil Sword. It’s only natural. Evil Sword has written the ultimate anthem this October and granted us what could be the best Halloween yet. Check out more from Evil Sword on bandcamp.


Listen to more from Evil Sword on bandcamp.

Madalyn Trewin, a scrawny Australian teenager, who is feeding her obsession with dogs, David Lynch and Daniel Johnston twenty-four hours a day. If not that, she's writing about things she likes and saturating her friends in glitter so she can take photos of them to post onto her blog