October 21, 2013

Monday Mix: Secret Sounds

Shhh! Can you keep a secret?

Last week we shed some light on our favorite Top 40 jams but this week we've made a deliberate decision to do quite the opposite. Today's mix cleverly named "Secret Sounds" is a small scale attempt to share some lesser known bands that we have not yet featured on the site.  It seems as if I'm either in a huge music rut or stumbling upon (and falling in love with) heaps of new music. The last few weeks have thankfully resembled the latter. I've been getting very lost in the depths of bandcamp and have spent a lot of time chatting with other bloggers about what they've dug up recently. It's always nice to discover an album or even just a track that you can't stop listening to over and over again. These are my secrets so please try and keep them.

2. "Privilege to Forget" - Dirty Mouth
3. "2 AM" - Wilderness
4. "Hey Stranger!" - Horrible/Adorable
5. "No One Cares About You" - BATTY
6. "Records" - Bad Behavior
7. "Like One" - Silkies
8. "Tearing Down Posters" - Jawbreaker Reunion
9. "Little Witch" - Margy Pepper
10. "XOXO" - Sci-Fi Caper
11. "Super Moon" - Mansion Music

Written by Diana Cirullo