October 28, 2013

Monday Mix: Boy Crush

Boy Crush AKA High Pop's Sean Posila made the dreamiest yé-yé mix for us.

In the holiday spirit, Emily and I crashed a halloween show at Silent Barn last Thursday in school girl uniforms and spooky face paint. We were there to enjoy a swoon-worthy line-up consisting of R.L. Kelly, Boy Crush, Starry Cat and Alex G, amongst others, and to be the first to get our hands on the special Boy Crush / Starry Cat split that comes out 10/29 (tomorrow!). We not only had a lot of fun but were able to snatch the new 7" – the pumpkin orange vinyl is now practically glued to the inside of my roommate's record player. So when Boy Crush AKA High Pop's Sean Posila agreed to curate us a mix, let alone suggested he'd make one highlighting 60's French girl groups, we couldn't have been more excited. Listen to Boy Crush's "Yé-Yé Dreams" playlist below.

Sean on his "Yé-Yé Dreams" Monday Mix:

"A good friend of mine recently moved to Paris. She sort of embodied this French pop aura and this mix reminds me of her. I'm just starting to get into these 60's French girl groups and there is so much. My roommate, who lives in my closet on this old farm in New York, has a million playlists of the stuff floating around. This morning we picked our favorites over coffee. The softness, yet attitude – all packed into these pop songs – makes me shiver. I wanna sing like them."

Written by Diana Cirullo