October 28, 2013

Interview: Upset

On the eve of the release of their debut album, 
Upset speaks to us about first crushes and dream tour mates.

The other day I was complaining to a friend about how there were no 'emo' bands that were fronted by women. Although I will always hold Brand New and Taking Back Sunday close to my heart, it would have been awesome to have some female voices to relate to during my angsty teenage years. I wouldn't label Upset's debut album She's Gone as 'emo' by any means, but it does speak to me in the same way albums like Your Favorite Weapon and Tell All Your Friends once did. The pop-punkesque songs cover topics from mean girls to absent boys and I could easily hear this CD spinning on my old boombox as I angrily scribbled in my journal in 2004. It's one our favorite albums of the fall, which you'll be able to learn more about in our upcoming review of the She's Gone. For now, we were able to ask members Ali Koehler and Jennifer Prince a few silly questions, incase you were ever wondering what Mariah Carey songs they would cover at the next Upset show. 

THE LE SIGH: Upset originally came together thanks to Twitter – what is your least favorite thing that people tweet about? What is your favorite Twitter account?    

Jennifer Prince:  I love when Neil Hamburger retweets all the 'Taco Bell made me sick' tweets. 
Ali Koehler: tbh my least favorite thing is when people tweet abbreviations like this. I find it v lame rn. 

TLS: "Never Wanna" reminds me of crushing hard on someone – who was the first person that seriously stole your heart? Where are they now?

AK: An English boy named Andrew Parkinson. He moved back to England in the 3rd grade and after he'd already left I found a jewelry box in my desk with a necklace and a note professing his love for me. I haven't heard from him since. 

TLS: You find out that you have to move back to your hometown. What's the first thing you do after you arrive?

JP: I am from Florida, so I'd definitely hit the beach immediately. 
AK: I'm from Toms River, NJ, so I'd go get Al's pizza and hang out at the mall.

TLS: Who would be your dream band to tour with while you were in high school? What would you do if Upset had the chance to tour with them now? 

AK: Saves the Day. If they asked us to tour with them now I'd probably get dry mouth and tremble like I did when I met Chris Conley in 2002.
JP:  Weezer! I'd freak out, then call my childhood best friends to tell them. 
AK: Oh yea. I cried after I met Weezer. They're magical.

TLS: Who was your number one celebrity crush at ages eight, sixteen, and now? 

AK: Genius question. 8 - Billie Joe Armstrong, 16 - Brandon Boyd, 27 – Luke goddamn Wilson. But really there are so many more. I live to crush.
JP: 8 - LL Cool J, 16 – Jon Stewart, now – ...still Jon Stewart!  

TLS: You can only pick one candy to eat for the rest of you life, but it has to be something everything in the band agrees on. What would it be?

Everyone: Sour patch kids 

TLS: Upset has to cover one Mariah Carey song at all of their future performances. What song would it be?

JP: Butterfly? Haha what do you think?
AK: Always Be My Baby. So many feelings.

TLS: Inspired by "Queen Frosteen", a two-part question: 
a. Who was the real life Queen Frosteen in your life? 
b. What character would you always want to draw in Candy Land?

AK: a.) I plead the 5th. b.) Queen Frostine, of course! My best friend and I would basically count cards and try to place her strategically in the draw pile so we'd get her. We were such little cheaters.

TLS: Upset is going to be one the next "Punk Goes Crunk" compilation. What song do you cover?

Everyone: Lil Jon – "Get Low"

Upset's new album She's Gone goes on sale tomorrow via Don Giovanni Records. 

Written by Emily Thompson