October 9, 2013

Collective: Pitch & Rail

Your answer to this question is yes. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Brooklyn based collective "Pitch & Rail" was founded at the end of 2012, aiming to create a space and community where diverse creativity can interact, and artists from different backgrounds can work and showcase their artwork. As an independent non-profit art organization and community, "Pitch & Rail" takes pride in covering a wide spectrum of artist approaches and media, with an emphasis on exposing unknown and up and coming talent to an increasingly vast audience.

Original founder, artist and curator India K, took inspiration from her personal experience with very community oriented schools, in which her work and poetry had been constantly influenced by public exposure and viewer feedback. After college, struggling to find a similar environment for her work in New York City, she eventually decided to embark on this venture to create a collaborative reality in which it would be possible to discover new art, curate shows and promote cultural exhange outside of the exclusive and often elitist established circles of traditional galleries.

"Pitch & Rail" adopts a very open approach to creative expression. Its upcoming show "Do You Wanna be Loved" presents the different work of nine artists and a new publication, "Pussy.jpeg," which collects art, fiction and editorial pieces submitted from all over the world, edited by Amelia Vottero. "Do You Wanna be Loved" is co-curated by India K and artist Grace Miceli, and revolves around the themes of womanhood, the Internet, gender and the digital age, explored in various forms by artists such as portrait photographers Maja Malou Lyse and Eddit Sitt, multimedia artist Kelley McNutt, Sam Stewart, plus India K and Grace Miceli themselves.

Further plans for the collective include a diverse smattering of events, from cookery lessons to live music, mixed tapes and an unmissable Lisa Frank party. India also revealed that a show with New Orleans artist Alice McGillicuddy is in the making, a "NOLA-art meets NYC-art kind of show," expected to open in January 2014.

October 26, 2014 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m.
Ferro Strouse Gallery
77 Pilling St., #2
Brooklyn, NY

Learn more about Pitch & Rail here.

Cristiana Bedei, an Italian art historian, proud feminist and Capricorn. Currently studying Digital Journalism at Goldsmiths in London, she's the founder of ten by 10 fanzine.