September 12, 2013

Track: Upset - "Oxfords and Wingtips"

We're obsessed with the first single from mega supergroup Upset.

How often do members of some of your favorite bands get together to start a new, just as awesome band? Not very often, which is why I can't be the only person who's excited by the forming of new band Upset. Upset is fronted by Vivian Girls drummer Ali Koehler and features former Hole member Patty Schemel on drums and past La Sera member Jenn Prince on guitar. I'd become aware of Upset's upcoming debut due to following Ali on Twitter (which is how the band also originally formed) and had eagerly awaited to hear the first noises from Upset's upcoming debut album, titled She's Gone, on Don Giovanni Records. Luckily I didn't have to wait too long since Upset  released their first single earlier this week and I've already listened to it more times than I can count. For all of the members being based in California, "Oxfords and Wingtips" gives off more of a dark, edgier feel that reminds me of short, cold days on the East Coast. It's a guitar-heavy song that gets progressively louder as Ali laments on a relationship/friendship that didn't work out for the best (she sings, "Oxfords and wingtips, I can't imagine feeling worse than this"). Despite the doomed storyline of the song, it's still brilliantly catchy and kind of sounds like a more blown out Heavens to Betsy song (can I even make that kind of comparison at my relatively young age?). Judging by "Oxfords and Wingtips", we have a feeling that She's Gone will be one of our favorite releases of the fall.

Look out for Upset's debut record on Don Giovanni Records on October 20th. 

Written by Emily Thompson