September 9, 2013

Monday Mix: Shady Hawkins

Bow down to Shady Hawkins!

Ahh, autumn is in the air, at least in upstate New York. I'm back at college and have found myself walking around and listening to Shady Hawkins on my headphones, which results in feeling pretty powerful and cool. Shady Hawkins is one of those awesome bands that is political and has smart and feminist lyrics (example from "Yr Time Is Up: "I know it's really hard to see her side, when you're staring at her from behind!!"). Their last album, Dead To Me, came out way back in 2012, and is extremely addicting. The best description of these badass Brooklyn punkers comes from Tumblr user TeenBoyStuff: "If 'The Craft' was actually a movie about a perfect witchy baby goth band killing their enemies with their music, this would be the soundtrack". I couldn't agree with that description more, and I think it also applies to the mix Suzy, Mike, Matt, and Sabrina made for THE LE SIGH. This mix definitely leans towards the noisey, so maybe don't play it around your mom...or maybe do...

1. "Another Color" - U.S. Girls
2. "Unspoken" - Kylesa
3. "Pink Heels" - HIRS
4. "Apocryphal Scum" - In School
5. "No Me Consigues Divertir" - Desechables
6. "Business Cats" - Mika Miko
7. "Leave Me Alone" - Priests
8. "Der Skal Drikkes Mere End Før" - Gorilla Angreb
9. "Atomic Bongos" - Lydia Lunch
10. "Too Many Creeps" - Bush Tetras
11. "Taste" - Magik Markers
12. Lullabye / Chuck" - Blatz
13. Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold" - Melt-Banana
14. "Boot" - Tamar-Kali
15. "There's My Dini!" - Ovlov
16. "Normal" - 3 Jane

Head over to Shady Hawkins' bandcamp and feel super witchy.

Written by Quinn Moreland