September 30, 2013

Monday Mix: Crashing

All things must pass (stress included).

The theme of this mix was inspired by a lyric from the Swearin' song "Crashing": "Spend the night complaining, running on no sleep. How can you hang out with me? Drove home to my place, pissed and partied out. Passed out, crashing on the couch." Everyone around me seems completely worn out from school, work, life, or whatever. My caffeine intake has drastically increased and my sleep cycle is a disaster, but every weekend is a light at the end of a very long tunnel (sorry for the horribly overused metaphors in this piece, my brain is tired, hence the title). I've been booking shows at my school, and once the initial organizational worries end, the feeling of relief that everything worked out is like an adrenaline rush. At the end of the night, bands are crashing on my floor and I am so excited to curl up in bed. Maybe it is somewhat reassuring that at least there is a routine of stress-fun-stress?

I hope the title, "Crashing," is not misleading; the mix is more about the switch from feeling overwhelmed to finally being able to relax (with Bjork). The mix begins with "I'm So Unclean," by the amazing Evans the Death, which sounds so upbeat, but is about being weary and apathetic: "I haven't washed in four days and I've had no good reason.""Secret Surprise" by Joanna Gruesome perfectly represents the rush of relief after being stressed with its transitions from frantic, punchy guitar to a soft chorus. "II" by Perfect Pussy is perfectly insane, while Speedy Ortiz's "Tiger Tank" has heavy lyrics like "My face is unable to convey how very awfully I'm doing." The speed of White Lung's hellishly frantic "Take the Mirror" and Crystal Castles' "xxzxcuzx me" remind me of an extreme caffeine rush or being crammed against people in a tiny basement. The final song is Bjork's "Hyperballad," which it may seem to come out of nowhere, compared to the heaviness of the other songs on the mix. But hopefully Queen Bjork's beautiful voice will be a relief, like a good night's sleep!

1."I'm So Unclean" - Evans the Death
2."Secret Surprise" - Joanna Gruesome
3."Throw" - NΓΌ Sensae
4."II" - Perfect Pussy
5."Tiger Tank" - Speedy Ortiz
6."Take the Mirror" - White Lung
7."xxzxcuzx me" - Crystal Castles
8."Pass This On" - The Knife
9."Hyperballad" - Bjork

Mix artwork by Saffa Khan

Written by Quinn Moreland