September 11, 2013

Interview: Potty Mouth

A quick and goofy interview with America's punk rock darlings.

From seeing them headline in DC, where Emily's band Lisa Drank opened, to bubbling up on my newsfeed via my favorite magazine's Facebook page, the four girls of Potty Mouth and their rough and tumble girl punk have recently floated around my head on a very consistent basis. You know where else they've surfaced? Every music site that's ever existed. Ok, that's probably a huge overstatement, but really, check your favorite music blog or magazine; odds are, they're there, responding to questions about Brooklyn Vegan, their beginnings as musicians, the profundity of being ~an all girl band~ and the general overthrowing of traditional music patriarchy. Potty Mouth has consistently heeded the call and have responded to every question with a poise and insight you'd expect from musicians who've been around for years.

Something I've found myself wondering is, who are these girls? Sure, you've got the basics: there's Phoebe (lead guitar), Ally (bass), Abby (lead vocals and guitar) and Victoria (drums) from Massachusetts. Most of them have only just learned to play their instruments, they're quite young and lovely, and no, they're not trying to be the female voice of our generation. And yet, the questions about how they plan to change the WORLD, man, just keep coming. After seeing them perform in DC, it's clear they're fun and goofy, and there's so much more to be tapped into beyond the fact that they're a group of females who make great music. They're people! We asked them a few questions we've never seen in interviews (anywhere, and probably for good reason) about Aaron Carter, the perfect family, and Cosmo.

THE LE SIGH: In your opinion (or experience), where is Hazardville located on a map?

Abby Weems: There's actually a town called Hazardville in Connecticut that we always pass through on the way to New York City. The name inspired me to write a song about a place that deserved a name like that.

TLS: Bill Clinton has just died and Hilary has asked you to make the playlist for his funeral reception. What are the first five songs you play?


1. Don't
2. Stop
3. Thinkin'
4. 'Bout
5. Tomorrow

TLS: If the four of you formed the "perfect family," what role would each of you play?

Ally Einbender: This is a funny question. Personally, I think Phoebe would be the mom, I would be the smart-ass teenage daughter, Abby would be the dog and Victoria would be the cat. I would go into explanations, but I think you can figure it out.

TLS: What's your favorite cookie and how doe sit relate to your music or who you are fundamentally?

AW: I love all (peanut free) cookies, but if I had to pick I'd say chocolate chip because it can be raw and still be good.

TLS: How do you think Aaron Carter would describe Potty Mouth's music?

AE: Girl band blah blah blah.

TLS: Fill in these sentences...
a. If my mom had to describe me in one word, it would be _______________.
b. The last boy (or girl) I kissed smelled like __________________.
c. If I never went back to ___________________, my life would go on just fine.

a. If my mom had to describe me in one word, it would be ___AWOL______.
b. The last boy I kissed smelled like __post b-ball game boy stank__.
c. If I never went back to __working retail______, my life would go on just fine.

TLS: What gives you the spins?

AE: Bikram Yoga

TLS: What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Is there a costume or character you think would be "too soon" to dress up as?

AW: It would be really funny to dress up as Amanda Bynes, and too soon to be Cory Monteith.

TLS: Imagine this--R. Kelly has just been signed to produce Potty Mouth's second album. How does your sound change and how do you feel about it? Do you believe you can fly?

AE: I just really hope that people would feel like the sloth in this video while listening to it:

TLS: If you could play your new record with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

AE: Original lineup of the Ramones because I would hope that it might make Joey Ramone fall in love with me.

TLS: Among Cosmo's top stories on its website are currently "5 Ways to Make a Condom Sexy (You're Welcome)," "17 Ways Not to Get Pregnant," and "Solving One of Life's Great Mysteries: Finding Your Actual Bra Size." If you were given the opportunity to write an article for Cosmo, what would it be tilted?

AW: "Clever Comebacks to Idiotic Pickup Lines"

TLS: If you're about to die and someone tells you you've got one last tweet before you hit the ultimate sack, what do you type out? (Remember: you only have 140 characters).

AE: Girl I know if my mother could do it, baby you can do it.

Listen to Potty Mouth's new album here.

Written by Molly Morris