September 26, 2013

EP: The Wild Ones - Nasty Habits

The Wild Ones will keep you up all night dancing.

I know everyone and their mother is excited that fall is finally here. Sure, I love a good pumpkin-flavored drink and I'm thrilled I can start wearing tights again in just a few short weeks, but a tiny part of me is sad to put away my jorts and carefree summer attitude (just kidding I spend most of every summer crying over nothing). To cope with the transition of seasons, I've been enjoying California-based four piece The Wild One's EP, Nasty Habits, which I seemed to have slept on during the actual summer months. The Wild Ones, whose members have some sweet bang game judging from photos, is the kind of band I would want to play an all-girl punk sock hop. Their collision of surf and garage rock with twinges of indie pop is sassy, sweet, occasionally raunchy, and most of all, straight up fun. Nasty Habits would have been the perfect summer album but it does just fine as a "shit fall is starting and I don't have my life together let's just have fun YOLO" album. 

Nasty Habits is the second EP by The Wild Ones and is made up of six infectious songs that make it impossible not to dance a little bit while listening to them. What I love most about The Wild Ones is that they can make any situation seem poppy and upbeat, even on "Fool For You", which is an amped up All Girl Summer Fun Band-esque song about realizing the dude you like is an asshole. Or on short and sweet "Lipstick", which is about leaving a lipstick mark on a boy's cheek so everyone knows you're together. But despite all their pop perfection, The Wild Ones aren't afraid to get a little dirty as well. On the title track, "Nasty Habits", the girls vaguely sing about the nasty things they want to do (like what?). The grittiest song (and possibly my favorite) on Nasty Habits is "Sweaty Already", which drips sticky surf punk over the course of two minutes and makes me feel an intense desire to be dancing in a dark room amongst a throng of people to the early hours of the morning. This is one album that kicks into overdrive the second it starts and doesn't slow down until it's over.


Check out more from The Wild Ones on their bandcamp.

Written by Emily Thompson