September 10, 2013

EP: Priests - Tape Two

Priests bring fierce, political punk back to D.C. 

I've always found it funny that some of the best punk bands originated in our nation's capital. The famous (infamous?) Washington D.C. punk scene has given us bands like Fugazi, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, and now Priests. But Priests are doing something different from the rest, which is one reason why I can't stop listening. Maybe another reason is that I really feel like saying "fuck off" to a lot of people, and listening to Priests is better than verbally accosting someone. The quartet is composed of Katie Greer (of Chain and the Gang), Daniele Daniele, G.L. Jaguar, and Taylor M, and they dish out frustrated surfy post-punk on Tape Two. Priests play with an intense desperation and fury and I reaaaally want to see them live (go back on tour please!!).

The songs on Tape Two mention everything from socialist writer Lillian Hellman to Stockholm Syndrome, but each song still has the same in-your-face energy. The frenetic energy that blasts through the tape reflects a feeling of distrust in lovers, leaders, and everyone else. The opener "Leave Me Alone",  has this incredible shouting that feels like everything is falling apart in the world because the narrator is so desperate for this person to leave her alone! One of the most interesting songs is called "USA (Incantations)". It's actually more of a spoken narrative set against a steady bass line and shredding guitars. The song discusses how rich, landowning white men designed the constitution without the input of the majority. It continues to talk about how the country exists on a false basis, encouraged by public education and deceptive ideas. Priests call this "He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss) Logic," which is a really cool reference. Priests make very powerful punk in Tape Two – it's totally worth checking out!


Listen to more Priests on bandcamp.

Written by Quinn Moreland