August 19, 2013

Monday Mix: Moving On

I'm not gonna diss you on the internet but maybe I will secretly on my blog (shhh).

Getting over a breakup can be like one of those "days since last lost time accident" signs; you may go days without thinking about that person, but then suddenly everything hurts again. It's easy to get stuck in sadness while you wonder what went wrong. Wallow for a bit, but you will move on, your heart will go on! DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO. In my few experiences with heartbreak, I've found that making a "Better Off Without You" mix is a great way to move on after someone ruthlessly rips apart your heart (I never said it's easy to get over bitterness).

Let the opening notes of "Survivor" surge through your veins. If Beyonce can survive heartbreak, you can too! "PML (Pretty Much A Loser)" is my personal favorite moving on song about boys who trick you with their charming feminist overtones but only lead to disappointment! The ending of the song goes "Boy, you have some real nerve / you hurt me so / you don't deserve me no" which is like the most important thing to tell yourself when you feel really down about a break up. The last few songs on this mix are about some magical life where two people remain friends after a breakup. There was a dark period during last winter when my roommate and I listened to "Cool" every day and dreamed that someday we will be as cool and forgiving as Gwen, ugh. Tell yourself that you are way better now, because you probably are!


1. "Blue Gowns" - Blue Hawaii
2. "For Ex-Lovers Only" - Black Tambourine
3. "Break Up" - PUPS
4. "Leave (Get Out)" - JoJo
5. "Actor Out Of Work" - St. Vincent
6. "Last Year" - Go Sailor
7. "Survivor" - Destiny's Child
8. "PML (Pretty Much A Loser)" - Tomboy
9. "Way Better Now" - Speedmarket Avenue
10. "I Just Wanna Get Along" - The Breeders
11. "Cool" - Gwen Stefani

Mix artwork by Saffa Khan

Written by Quinn Moreland