August 5, 2013

Monday Mix: Joanna Gruesome

There are no puns or references to a certain harpist in this article, sorry.

On July 15th, I woke up to the glorious news that Slumberland Records will be releasing Joanna Gruesome's debut album, "Weird Sister." The news became even more exciting when I listened to the first single from the album, "Secret Surprise," and was blown away by the intense and wistful vocals combined with typical JG noise. I've been a fan of Joanna Gruesome since I heard their song “Do You Really Wanna Know Why Yr Still In Love With Me” last year, and the new single satiated an intense desire to hear new music from them.

In celebration of their new album, the five-piece band from Cardiff (Wales, NOT Alberta) agreed to guest-curate a mix and they promised that they would ~definitely bring the vibes~ and I think they did an excellent job. Hopefully these wonderful kids come stateside really soon, I don't know if my little heart can bear the distance. I'm so excited to hear "Weird Sister," it debuts September 9th in the UK on Fortuna POP! and September 10th in the US on Slumberland Records!

Check out more Joanna Gruesome on bandcamp.

Written by Quinn Moreland