August 26, 2013

Monday Mix: Hardly Artifacts

Sarah Moody of Hardly Art compiles the hidden gems of the label's catalogue.

When going on a five week tour, it's inevitable that some shows will fall out of your memory completely, while others will stand out and stay with you long after you've come home. I had the fortunate experience of the latter during the 2011 Colleen Green spring tour in Seattle. We played with Bill Cosby & His White Pudding Pops (feat. members of Tacocat) and Fergus & Geronimo. I can recall so many strange, vivid details from the night and met so many people who I have kept in touch with and developed strong friendships since then. It was also the first night I met Sarah Moody and Ruben Mendez - both of  Hardly Art, the label that had just released Colleen Green's first 7" with plans to one day release a full length. Fast forward to 2013 and the Colleen full length is out along with many other fine records that have been released through Hardly Art. It's one of my favorite labels that happens to be run by some wonderful people with great taste.

Sara Moody on this Monday's mix:
"Hardly Art began in 2007 with a temporary Google website and one band. This year, we will reach our 76th release, and currently host a roster of 20+ active independent bands from across the country and beyond. This mix should serve as a healthy grab bag intro, with tracks from releases throughout the 6-year-plus existence of the label, largely skewed (as we can be) toward left-leaning west coast pop nuggets. As a bonus, and to get the full picture from the office, a couple tracks from side labels and/or bands of all Hardly Art employees were tossed in there as well."

1. "Rip Van Winkle" - Shannon and The Clams
2. "Like Your Style" - Pudding Pops
3. "Blue Star" - Seapony
4. "Pretender" - Black Marble
5. "Forever Wading" - USF
6. "Clouds" - Deep Time
7. "Break My Heart" - La Sera
8. "Nap" - Wimps
9. "Drown" - Broken Water
10. "Die" - Carissa's Weird
11. "Living this Life" - The Dutchess and The Duke
12. "Lose the Baby" - Lost Animal
13. "Fool's Melodies" - Web of Sunsets
14. "What Goes on In Your Mind" - German Measles

Find out more about Hardly Art Records on their website.

Written by Marisa Dabice