August 22, 2013

LP: Adult Mom - i fell in love by accident

Adult Mom's latest will have you falling in love on purpose. 

One of the best things about music is how relatable it can be. It's so easy to insert yourself into a song by your favorite band and turn it into something that was written about your shitty ex-boyfriend or a friendship that went awry. During the summer of 2007 I used to listen to Rilo Kiley's "Wires and Waves" over and over again because it was an accurate representation of a situation I was in with a boy who was in Germany when I was in California. Last fall, I was going through a break up and would listen to Swearin's "Kenosha" on repeat but replace "Kenosha" with "Massachusetts". But when I first heard i fell in love by accident by Purchase artist Adult Mom aka Stephanie Knipe, it really felt like she was writing this album about my life at this exact moment. On her bandcamp, Stephanie notes that she wrote the songs between May and July and describes them as being about "falling in love unexpectedly and being bored all summer", which is how I spent the last few months as well.

When I say Stephanie is writing about my life, I might be exaggerating a little. i fell in love by accident is made up of eight songs that capture and narrate small portions of Stephanie's own life. "fiji" is an ode to a boy who endearingly drinks virgin margaritas and wears tropical shirts in the winter. "library" is about the anticipation of a first kiss that almost doesn't happen, but eventually comes to fruition. The soft and sometimes hushed songs cover the inconsequential and humorous moments in life (finding AC on the subway and getting lipstick on your apple) to the more serious and testing (dealing with loneliness and death). Listening to i fell in love by accident felt like the first time I heard Mirah's You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This the summer of my sophomore year of high school – it's something that's relatively simple musically (just Stephanie's voice and an acoustic guitar) but the relevance and depth of her songwriting felt like it could cut through me. When she sings "My stomach feels sick when I think about the things I've messed up/It's exhausting to feel like you're bad at everything" on "what's another lipstick mark", I could feel my heart drop because it hit so close to home. Stephanie makes it possible to establish a personal connection with her and her music even if you've never kissed someone on top of a library before.


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Written by Emily Thompson