August 27, 2013

EP: All Dogs - Split Tape w/ Slouch

You'll be able to find yourself in the bouncy songs of All Dogs' first cassette.

I am not a musician. My fingers are too clumsy to switch chords, and I've always suspected that I am slightly tone deaf. I often find myself wondering why I am attracted to similar sounding bands, like, what makes this four-chord garage punk so endearing and addictive?! I realized that the answer is that I connect to it! It's that obvious, it's that simple, and maybe that is what DIY is all about. Not too much is known about All Dogs, who will be releasing their first 7" on Salinas Records this fall. The trio recently released a split tape with fellow Ohioans Slouch, which contains six gems (including a Muffs cover!) that articulate the complicated feelings of being young.

All Dogs' sound is familiar pop-punk, but it lacks the whining and snark that similar bands utilize. Instead, they rely on diary-like honesty, and if there is any self-loathing, it is paired with questioning and sweet sadness. Their bouncing sound begins on "Farm", which opens quietly and then rips into the energy that carries the tape. All Dogs skip lyrical metaphors and directly confront self-doubt, regret, and longing. Maybe I'm a cynic, but I think songs that address the insecurities about relationships are much more romantic than traditional love songs because of their honesty (see also "Our Song" and "Love Song"). The narrator of the ironically-titled "Love Song" admits that "every song about broken hearts is about my inability to love" and "I want you and you want me but I will fuck it up just wait and see". These abasing sentiments are repeated throughout the split, particularly on a lyrics from "Dumb": "There's always this old feeling in the back of my mind that the things that I am seeking will never be mine". That lyrics is really relatable to me, along with "I am dumb I am no fun". While that might seem lame, I think everyone has felt that way before. And I think THAT is the answer to my question at the beginning of this review – All Dogs are addictive because they make you feel less alone while also giving you some songs to scream while driving.


Listen to All Dogs on bandcamp.

Written by Quinn Moreland