August 7, 2013

7": Teenage Burritos - "Danya" / "Kamikaze"

San Diego's Teenage Burritos bring us bratty punk with a sweet side.

The thing about listening to a record is at some point I’m going to have to get up and flip the vinyl to the other side. When I’m listening to one I really love it’s not a bother and I’ll sit waiting for that click of the needle, eager to pick up where the album left off. The split 7” from Teenage Burritos is one such listen, and though this was a digital stream, the silence upon completion meant one thing, I could finally listen again, picking up where I left off in their punk dreamland.

This San Diego quartet released this 7” debut ahead of a full length expected later this year. The two tracks, “Danya” and “Kamikaze” could seemingly come from different bands and are likely to leave listeners craving more from them. “Danya” will fill the gaping hole forever left in the hearts of Be Your Pet fans with a bratty punk ode, empowered by a kicking female refrain and swinging, surf-rock guitar. Though “Danya” is a seemingly wild character who “called a bomb threat to school” the sugary, sweetness from the Teenage Burritos’ ladies will have you wishing for a bad ass of your own. With the aid of members of Christmas Islands/Plateaus and Andreas Langerstrom of Holograms, B-side “Kamikaze” builds on that sweetness, adding a touch of early Brit punk. A warped guitar line and sprinkles of synth are lightened by airy female vocals, and though the track is certainly meant to seem foreboding, the warmth is too inviting to resist.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the sound of Teenage Burritos could head based on these two tracks, but whether future plans involve another dangerous romance or a trip down post-punk memory lane consider us along for the ride.


Order the Teenage Burritos 7" via Volar Records.

Lauren Rearick, a freelance writer from Pittsburgh, PA who has an unhealthy obsession with teen dramas, mainly Vampire Diaries and securing a reality show deal with Bravo. That probably won’t work out so she writes a lot and dreams of Wolf Parade reuniting.