July 29, 2013

Premiere: Crying - "Bodega Run"

 Listen to the debut song of Purchase, NY, supergroup Crying.

A strange thing about the Internet is that a band can foster a presence on the web before they release any music. Whether it be through a series of cryptic posts on a Facebook page or mentions on their label's Tumblr, a band can build intrigue for their forthcoming sounds while maintaining a musical silence. New band Crying (named after one of our frequent past times) have been racking up Facebook likes since their page surfaced in April. Although they've played the occasional show or two, they've been keeping their fans waiting on tenterhooks for songs. But there's good enough reason to believe this new project will rule super hard. Crying is made up of a group of Purchase natives including vocalist Elaiza Santos from Whatever, Dad, drummer Nick Corbo of Spook Houses and LVL UP, and guitarist Ryan Galloway who also controls the Gameboy-like sounds you hear in their songs. We were already excited for Crying's eventual debut, but were especially thrilled when their label Double Double Whammy gave us the opportunity to premiere Crying's first song, "Bodega Run", off their upcoming EP Get Olde.

After hearing "Bodega Run" for the first time, we can't stop listening to it over and over again. It's a poppy, infectious song that perfectly blends Elaiza's gorgeous voice with the reckless energy of LVL UP. The addition of glitchy bit noises makes the project entirely unique from anything else the members are involved in. "Bodega Run" reminds me of nights last summer spent running around Brooklyn and spending way too much money on Bud Light Limes and jelly beans from the closest corner store. Now we can only hope they don't make us wait much longer to hear the rest of Get Olde.


Keep up with Crying on their Facebook page.

Written by Emily Thompson