July 22, 2013

Monday Mix: Separation

Our newest mix curator, Marisa of Mannequin Pussy, 
takes a look at the theme of separation. 

I didn't come up with this weeks theme of separation on my own. The fine people at Tasty Zine asked me to explore it for their second issue. In response to their request, I chose to tackle it chemically; experimenting with mineral oils, food coloring, and light. I saw the psychedelic separation of water and oil projected onto my wall and I zoned out for awhile just staring at colors I had created.

Sometimes I feel like the summer becomes most real when I'm out every night and have totally drenched myself with the task of making memories to look back on once the ground has frozen. Other times I feel like summer is when I separate myself from everyone else and don't leave my apartment all day because it's the only place where I can sit directly in front of the a/c. Summer is when all your friends and lovers have so many trips planned: family vacations and reunions, cross country tours and road trips, and of course a few weddings. Sometimes you come together and the separation ceases into union, but most of the time you just can't get away that weekend but maybe next week will work? I'll call you.  

1. "Fingercult"- Hand Cream
2. "Cemetery"- Lust Cats of the Gutters
3. "This Town" - Bloods
4. "CUJO" - Colleen Green
5. "Lie" - Weathered Pines
6. "Marge Simpson"- Night of Joy
7. "Committee" - Starred
8. "Fireflies Made Out of Dust" - Happy Jawbone Family Band

Mix artwork by Saffa Khan

Written by Marisa Dabice