July 15, 2013

Monday Mix: Melting

~Some music to melt to~

Hi there! My name is Quinn, and I am a new Mix Maker at THE LE SIGH. I hope you're nothing like me, but if you are, your most exciting relationship this summer has been with a fan. However, when I drag myself out of my cave of artificial air flow, there is something really nice about sitting with a group of friends and collectively creating a small swimming pool of sweat. Also, the heat is a great reason to eat a billion popsicles and who can really complain about that? I can't seem to bring myself to listen to ~chill~ music to cool off. Instead, I have found myself listening to bands that make me want to bike through my town in the middle of the afternoon and embrace being sweaty and disgusting (and then sneak into hotel pools). I think the first two tracks of the mix, "Rip" by Ringo Deathstarr and "Molasses" by Aye Nako, do a good job of showing how fuzzy and slow life can be during the summer. On the other hand, "Transformer" by Marnie Stern, reminds me of  how quickly the summer flies by and suddenly you can't use the heat as an excuse to hang out in your underwear all day.

1. "Rip" - Ringo Deathstarr
2. "Molasses" - Aye Nako
3. "Sugarcrush" - Joanna Gruesome
4. "Hazardville" - Pottymouth
5. "Transformer" - Marnie Stern
6. "Sun Hot" - SLUTEVER
7. "Deepest Bottom of the Darkest Lake" - Margy Pepper
8. "Don't Ask" - Tiger Trap
9. "Antabus" - Makthaverskan
10. "Cool Schmool" - Bratmobile
11. "Lake House" - Vivian Girls
12. "Electric Chair" - Bleached

Mix artwork by Saffa Khan

Written by Quinn Moreland