July 8, 2013

Monday Mix: Crushin' Hard

The title says it all; get smitten to this mix.

For all of you girls or guys who are crushin' hard, this mix was inspired by Mandy Moore's "Crush", which is by far the best song to listen to when you're feeling smitten. Although Mandy isn't directly on this playlist, the songs on here are just as fun and ridiculous. Some (and arguably most) of my best romances started during the summertime; maybe a coincidence or maybe because the heat is more powerful than we think it is. Nevertheless, summer love is cool and so are these songs.

1. "What I Like" - Charli XCX
2. "Obsession" - Sky Ferreira 
3. "Teenage Dream" - Katy Perry
4. "Countdown" - Beyonce
5. "Okay Cupid" - Kitty Pryde
6."Your Love Is My Drug" - Ke$ha
7. "Rocket Science"- Icona Pop
8. "Still Into You" - Paramore
9. "What Starry Eyes Know" - Neon Hitch
10."110%" - Jesse Ware

Written by Diana Cirullo