July 18, 2013

LP: The Courtneys - The Courtneys

Next time we have a pool party we're inviting The Courtneys.

Tis the season for pool parties and bbqs and all other outdoor festivities. Most of us spent July 4th by the water, sipping on beer, and listening to shitty pop music. The Courtneys, a slacker-punk trio from Vancouver, are probably the furthest thing from shitty pop music, but they'd the first ones to crash your pool party and play a show. Despite the info provided on their Facebook page, every member of this band probably isn't named Courtney and they do not hail from Courtenay, British Columbia. In fact, they have a sound that makes us think more of California, slurpees, denim cutoffs, messy hair, and skateboards.

The Courtneys' debut is one we've been anticipating for a while, especially after seeing their music video for grungey 90s beach song "90210" this past winter. The hazy footage of the three girls rocking out on the beach and eating Domino's might be the best way to sum up the album as a whole. These songs are about being young, broke, reckless, but maybe most importantly, having fun in the process. "Insufficient Funds" rang in a simple yet relatable line "I need a job / I need a life" that most poor post-grads can sympathize with. And then there's "Dead Dog," somewhat of an ode to cutoff shorts, which rolls by with surfy guitar riffs and thrashing basement drums. I mean, what's more punk rock than cutting up your clothing? In the same vein,  catchy stoner-pop piece "Social Anxiety" essentially reminds us that responsibilities are overrated and nothing beats falling in love.

Watch the video for "90210" below:

Listen to The Courtneys on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo