June 3, 2013

Monday Mix: Sweet Summer

The second part to our summer mix series,
where we realize the season can be pretty great.

Last week, Diana made a mix with some of favorite artists and their songs that revolved around the theme of a slow summer. It's true that summer does have its downsides – working long hours and then trekking home in the heat, sweating basically all the time, and saying goodbye to tights until next fall. But summer does have some serious perks amongst all the shitty parts of it such as no more school, eating ice pops whenever you want, thunderstorms, summer-specific beers, the 4th of July, sprinklers, driving with your windows down, swimming in the ocean, the list goes on. I made this mix to celebrate the highlights of summer that are going to be gone before we know it when September rolls around. The songs are a little bit more upbeat and have been soundtracking my drives to Baltimore and D.C. to play shows and friend hangouts involving basketball and smoking too many cigarettes. "Streets or No Streets" by (unfortunately now disbanded) Peter Pants reminds me of late nights spent dancing in a sweaty basement, "Fourth of July" by Parasol reminds me of the warm feeling of falling in love in the summer, and okay, there's an Avril Lavigne song at the end because she rules. Listen to this mix, go outside, and appreciate the unbearable heat before you're freezing to death in the winter. 

1. "Molasses" - Aye Nako
2. "Streets or No Streets" - Peter Pants
3. "Fourth of July" - Parasol
4. "Girls of Summer" - Peach Kelli Pop
5. "Lone Star" - Mirah
6. "Losing Time" - Prissy Clerks
7. "Daggers" - Detective Agency
8. "Social Anxiety" - The Courtneys
9. "The Ocean" - Possum
10. "Black and Studs" - Potty Mouth
11. "Il Geghege" - Rita Pavone 
12. "I Don't Want to Be Cool" - Kate Fagan
13. "Dime Eyes" - Witch Gardens
14. "What the Hell" - Avril Lavigne

Written by Emily Thompson