June 8, 2013

EP: WHATEVER, DAD - Maybe Later

WHATEVER, DAD's Maybe Later – the soundtrack to anyone's post-grad slump.

It's no surprise that the one girl behind clever moniker WHATEVER, DAD isn't afraid to write songs about the extraordinary and the ordinary. A man giving up soda for the rest of his life, slow mornings in Maryland, feeling like an alien at a party, out of body experiences – these are just some of the things Elaiza Santos sings about on her 2012 cassette DAD? and self-titled tape. But her most recent effort, a five-song EP entitled Maybe Later, is her darkest collection yet. On bandcamp, Elaiza makes clear that she wrote these in a slump and the sad-empty-blah-feeling shows through completely. Lately I've been experiencing a little bit of the post-grad blues, so these songs found me at the right moment.

Musicians have been inherently good at writing sad songs from the beginning of time. Maybe because most musicians are sad or maybe because sadness is the strongest fuel for music making. Regardless of the which comes first, the best sad songs don't make you feel sadder but instead less alone. WHATEVER, DAD's Maybe Later accomplishes this in each of its songs. Elaiza takes her time and sings in a Julie Doiron-esque fashion in first track "Slowpoke," which takes place in a car somewhere in endless suburbia. The acoustic nature of these songs make them both tender and introspective; everything we could ever ask for in a sad song. Tender indeed, "Egg" is just as gooey as the inside of its raw namesake. Elaiza's round and soft vocals paired with minimalistic acoustics and whistles get to the heart of the Easter memory she sings about. Nostalgia is also ever present in "Crayola Problem" and "Errors" which bring us back to adolescence. It might feel cold to return to it but re-evaluating the past is essential to moving forward. However, the last track is the warmest one on the collection. A love song in many definitions of the word, "Chiot" tells the story of waking up next to someone but pretending to be asleep. "Your nose is close to my nose / your nose is nose to my nose / lying unsteady / do I taste like spaghetti to you? / I am awake."


Listen to WHATEVER, DAD on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo