May 9, 2013

Video: Keebo - "Native American"

So psyched about Keebo's new music video for "Native American" that
we leaned a little bit on the thesaurus to find more synonyms for "exciting."

I first heard Keebo about four months ago when they’d only recently uploaded three songs onto Soundcloud. Every track was full of so many good things – soaring melodies, massive harmonies and unexpected rhythms. So, having already been hooked in, they recently won me over even more with their new video for "Native American." It plays out like a really trippy day at the beach with Donnie Darko – but obviously in an awesome way. The flashes of pink and double-exposure wonderfully mirror the intertwining guitar parts. The images overlap, just as each instrument and vocal melody moves together and against each other. It’s such a cool feeling when you want to dance to something so beautiful, and the rhythm section of Keebo makes that so easy. The bass line is the good kind of funky. The dropping in and out of the individual parts creates a lovely momentum and sense of movement.

The other songs on their Soundcloud are also brilliant. "Hold Me Down" is packed with 4-part harmonies, minimal percussion and a forever-changing-pace from verse to chorus. ‘The World Is Waiting’ starts acappella but slowly builds and swells into a joyous indie-pop anthem, "Hey little girl / Don’t you worry about forever / You and me we’ve got something good you’ll see / You and me we will work it out you’ll see." Keebo can quite easily be compared to bands like Warpaint, Real Estate, Haim or Stealing Sheep – but more often than not, these comparisons are kind of unhelpful. What’s important is how exciting it is that a band from London are making such cool music. I’ve been trying to catch one of their shows for ages, and I’m finally getting a chance at Great Escape Festival in Brighton. If you can’t make that show then definitely catch them soon – I’m sure you’ll be won over too.

Watch Keebo's video for "Native American":

Listen to more Keebo on soundcloud.

Tilly Scantlebury, a student from London. She digs contemporary art, playing musicand winning arguments. She also likes long walks on the beach.