May 26, 2013

Track: SURFING - "Hollow Sparrow"

Get ready for summer with SURFING's "Hollow Sparrow." 

From Virginia to Bushwick, 4-piece shoegaze act SURFING has had its share of acclaim lately. Featured all over the blogverse, with its infectious attitude and lingering head-bopping rhythm, the band has captivated several listeners after seemingly sprouting out of nowhere. (And rightfully so.) Released in April, "Hollow Sparrow" is completely reminiscent of garage band reverb and distortion, especially in the first few beats.

However, when the female voice emerges as high pitched soft textured vocals paired against the structured instrumentation, the track turns into a punchy anthem. The persistent guitar riff skyrockets the track out of the genre of mood music and although it does have the potential of solely existing as atmospheric nostalgia, the track harnessed the sound into a polished feeling of "now." "Hollow Sparrow" seems like the interlude for something bigger, and all we can be (for now) is excited to hear more from the band.


Ritu Ghiya, a NYU "bb", is extremely passionate about surrealist literature, technology and experimental R+B. Her dream is to become the perfect blend of Solange and MIA on her existential journey to read more and blog more.