May 27, 2013

Monday Mix: Slow Summer

Start off your week with some slow songs by our favorite sad bandcamp girls.

In the last few weeks, Emily and I have gotten into the habit of listening to a specific group of sad bandcamp girls (that's my own made-up genre) and after listening to them you'll understand why. Many of these artists make music in their bedroom, record under clever or cute monikers, and utilize witty bandcamp tags like "homesick" or "sad" or "melodramtic." We've fallen for them because of their quiet acoustic sounds and confessional lyrics. More specifically, this mix is inspired by Frankie Cosmos' "Slow Summer" off of her collection Thanks For Everything. Summer is a fun time but also has its fair share of frustrations. These songs are for the slow summer days and all of the *le sigh* moments that come with them: unbearably humid weather, broken AC units, overcrowded subway trains, boys and girls that never call, popsicles that melt too soon, sold out shows, this list can unfortunately go on forever.

1. "Slow Summer" - Frankie Cosmos
3. "Everyone Sux" - Baby Mollusk
4. "Your New Ex-Stripper Girlfriend" - Morgan Spaner
5. "40 song" - DCL Schneider
6.  "Foreverandeverandever" - E.A. Sprague
7. "Lungs Are Trees, So What?" - Bunny Zewt Suit
8. "It Doesn't Matter " - Hand Habits
9.  "Sloppy Joes" - Adult Mom
10. "I Will Never" - Mariah Welch
11. "This Place" - OBVIOUSLY
12. "The Boys of Summer" - Infinity Crush

Written by Diana Cirullo