May 20, 2013

Monday Mix: Sincerely, California

Kylie of Sincerely, California brings west coast warmth to your bedroom.

Sincerely, California is a music blog run by Kylie Kirkwood, who works to bring you, the beautiful public, delicious tunes via interviews (video and written), reviews, and mixtapes with an emphasis on local (southern California) bands. Kylie writes with such bubbly enthusiasm, it's difficult not to get as excited about the things she's describing (and ooze with happiness over the cuties in the cover photo – is it her? Will we ever know?). When I stumbled upon Sincerely, CA, my first thought was excitement over our two blog's affinity for very similar music, like Shannon and the Clams, Sweet Valley Slumber Party and Cherry Glazerr, to name a few. And who doesn't want to be blog pals with a lady who loves the same music? We thought it extra appropriate for Kylie to spin us this week's mix (it is almost officially summer after all) - here's what she had to say:

"It took me a while to compile this mix of female artists only because I feel like I have so many that are worthy of more than a mention; so with that said, this mix ended up being a bit all over the place. Included are tunes you may have heard before, but also some local southern California stuff that's probably closest to my heart/played in my house most often.

I started off with 'I Think We're Alone Now' by Tiffany because if there's one thing this world needs, it's more Tiffany. 80s pop at its finest. 'Money' by The Flaying Lizards is the next song for two reasons: The first being that The Flying Lizards were an AMAZING experimental band from the UK in the 70s and the second being I found their vinyl after a show the other day and haven't stopped listening to it since. Most of their songs are covers (including this one) but they amaze me nevertheless! 'Worship You' is by Colleen Green, who's one of the best artists in the local southern California music scene right now. I love everything about the sound she creates (mainly the drum machine), and 'Worship You' is my favorite off her early album, Milo Goes to Compton. 

'Rhiannon' by Fleetwood Mac is included because Stevie Knicks is such an inspiration, so it seemed fitting. 'Ozma' is by Shannon and the Clams. Shannon Shaw's voice is INCREDIBLE and I really admire where she stands as a female artist in the industry. I have so much respect for what she does which actually bit me in the ass when I met her because I just looked like the creepy fan girl. The next two songs are 'Think of You' by Bleached (Bleached was one of the first bands in the local scene I really got into and let's face it, 'Think of You' applies to every crush anyone's ever had) and "Somethin is better than nothin" by Tashaki Miyaki.

I ended this mix with two Velvet Underground songs, 'After Hours' and 'All Tomorrow's Parties.' 'After Hours' is actually by the drummer of the band, Maureen Tucker, who's not only my favorite drummer of all time but also has a secret amazing talent for singing and writing songs. 'All Tomorrow's Parties' is sung by Nico, whose voice is so haunting, especially with The Velvet Underground backing her up, and is impossible not to love."

Check out Sincerely, California for yourself here.

Written by Molly Morris