May 6, 2013

Monday Mix: Sad Girls Guide

Because every sad girl needs a guide.

Sad Girls Guide (SGG) is the beautiful creation of Tatyahna Cameron from San Francisco, California. If you haven't heard of SGG before, it's a blog dedicated to making sad girls all over the world happier. We've been loyal readers for a while, so when Tatyahna agreed to make us a mix and replied "feeling like The Le Sigh is Sad Girls Guide's long lost sister" we *melted* like no other. More often than not we too are sad girls and find comfort in her guides. Most recently "Sad Girls Guide To Netflix," was very helpful for someone like me who easily wastes an hour scrolling through Netflix but is too indecisive to choose anything to watch. Nope, not a problem thanks to Tatyahna (FYI I decided on Heathers). Another silly one "Sad Girls Guide To Your Band Guy Boyfriend On Tour" lends a few easy tips to cope with life after your musician dude leaves. Tatyahna has quite a way with words; Emily and I literally couldn't stop laughing when reading this one. We can only hope that Tatyahna writes a "Sad Girls Guide To Post-Grad Woes" to help us pull through next month.

Tatyahna of Sad Girls Guide on her super rad mix:

"I tried to make a girl power mix of all the songs I really like by women, but that would be this infinite thing. This mix is basically an audible spring fever wow-I'm-really-in-love mix, because I am and it's disgusting. Plus, let's face it – nothing makes a sad girl feel more feelings than being in love, especially when the weather is nice. 

There are also some artists in here that were really influential in my life growing up. The first album I bought with allowance money was by Hole and I did a ballet recital piece to a Vanessa Carlton song once. Slow Club has somehow managed to help me in both being very in love and also miserable at the same time. Black Tambourine is one of my favorite bands and so are the Ramones, so that cover is perfect. But mainly this is being in love. Barf."

Surrender forever to

Written by Diana Cirullo