May 13, 2013

Monday Mix: Graduation

THE LE SIGH girls are graduating this weekend.

We've been talking about it a lot; have even gone so far as to sneak the dreaded ten letter word into as many blog posts as possible. Well, it's finally happening... us three are GRADUATING this weekend and have been feeling a lot of feelings (no surprise there). In order to celebrate something so big coming to an end and the beautiful new beginning ahead, we've compiled fifteen quite different songs that are important to us right now. Because we're undoubtedly feeling erratic, this mix will also match up in its amount of inconsistencies. We hope you can bear with us at such a crazy time and enjoy this crazy bunch of songs. Cheers to endings and beginnings!

Diana (#1-5): I don't have much to say about college ending because I'm in serious denial. Even though it's a scary thought, I'd like to hope that the next phase has a lot of cool things to offer. The first five songs are mine and they're kind of all over the place with Vitamin C, No Doubt, Connie Francis, The Creakies, and Cranberries. But what better a way to start off a mix that is indirectly about graduation than with "Graduation (Friends Forever)"? In all seriousness, the lyrics in "Because You're Young" are more accurate of how I feel and will forever make me cry. Also threw in "VACATION" on a whim to get you all excited for summer and to further perpetuate my own denial.

Emily (#6-10): It hasn't really hit me that I'm graduating college in a week because a) I'm still in the midst of finals week b) I'm spending the summer at school and c) I feel in no way ready for the 'real world'. But there have been a few times where I've gotten extremely sentimental and may have recently cried at the bar upon hearing Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's "Home" (which is pretty embarrassing to admit). I added Lesley Gore's "The Old Crowd" per suggestion of my friend Allie because it's a sadder song about moving on from your friends. But change isn't all that bad, so I added MIrah's "La Familia" and Possum's "Summer/Winter Song", which make me feel as if these endings might not be so scary and terrible after all. Finally, I concluded my portion with "Anything Can Happen" by Ellie Goulding because I have no idea what I'll be doing in a few months and you know, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN (okay going to kill myself now).

Molly (#11-15): I'm more distressed about my lack of distress over graduation. I finished my last class, said "well, then," and ate chocolate. I know this is a big, scary deal, but I'm more excited to jump into the unknown, which is why I picked Ida Maria's "Oh My God." Ida screams the phrase and asks, "You think I'm in control?" Of course we'd all love to believe we are, but truth is, we really aren't, and maybe that's why everyone is so afraid of graduating. What happens next? But if we just acknowledge our lack of control and start to embrace it (dare I say "loosen up?"), Hoku's "Perfect Day" feels much more appropriate.

Written by Diana Cirullo