May 5, 2013

EP: SISU - Light Eyes

SISU (fronted by Dum Dum Girls' Sandra Vu) puts out first 12" and cassette.

Long before Sandra Vu became the drummer of Dum Dum Girls, she was frontwoman of SISU (pronounced "see-soo"). Inspired by Silver Apples, Vashti Bunyan, and My Blood Valentine, SISU washes by with glittering guitars and floating vocals to conjure the most curious of moods. With fellow Dum Dum Girl, Jules Medeiros, also on board contributing keyboards and vocals, we might be tempted to draw comparisons between the two. However, they gives us enough reasons not to. In fact, the four-piece produces a dark 80s sound that strays far from Dum Dum Girls' melodic guitar pop. Light Eyes, the band's first release to present itself in vinyl or cassette form, feels as euphoric as it does heartbreaking.

Two standout tracks on this EP, "Light Eyes" and "Two Thousand Hands," have been remastered from their previous debut on Demon Tapes Vol. 2. These two are surely cleaned up and even more fantastic than previous versions we loved. Sandra is sultry sweet in synth-heavy "Two Thousand Hands," where a beaming bass line hugs slashing percussion. Dreamy hums are continuous throughout, especially in "Infinity Net," where metallic beats and distant vocals echo as if inside of a cave. Even more mystifying, "Light Eyes," lives up expectations with gorgeous lyrics "I have seen the world with light eyes / I'm alive again without you." A song about love and loss, adventure and obscurity, this grunge-meets-electronic track starts out smooth but quickly layers with texture. But while earlier tracks might have had you swaying, there is no question that "They Die" will have you dancing. A true outlier on the EP, "They Die" is the most pop-filled of the five, totally Garbage-esque (hello, Shirley Manson), and so great for driving with the windows rolled down.


Listen and purchase SISU's Light Eyes 12" or cassette via bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo