May 27, 2013

EP: Meghan's T.V. - Kim's Room

Philly's Meghan's T.V. debuts with Kim's Room and it's pure 90s gold.

Meghan's T.V. is a contemporary band that could easily be mistaken as one from the past; listening to them is like crawling into a time machine and traveling back to the 90s. Comprised of Mariah, Gabby, and Jazmyn, the band was asked to play shows before they had any recordings. Their debut Kim's Room is a four song collection about breakups, feeling shitty, wanting to run away, etc. But while these topics aren't different from most songs, the Philadelphia-based punk trio has a sound so awesome and all their own that you won't care.

"Explain It All" evokes nostalgia like an episode of My So-Called Life. If you forgot how complicated high school was then you will be reminded with "It's way cool we're in high school / and I don't know if I want to sex / I don't know if I'm ready yet." I can already hear the lockers slamming and taste the sub-par cafeteria lunches. Sound-wise, I could draw similarities between lead singer Mariah and Henry's Dress, Julie Ruin, or Waxahatchee, although those wouldn't be fair to the band or listeners. Meghan's T.V. is one group that I'd much rather say "listen for yourself" than compare them to someone else.  Grungey tracks "Light Years" and "Let You Know" are pure 90s gold; vulnerable in a way that we admire. But "Watch the Wire" puts this collection into context and reminds us what year it really is. It's a song about drinking wine and watching The Wire, which is pretty cool and I don't know why no one's written a song like this before. So thank you Meghan's T.V. for writing songs that needed to be written.

Listen to Meghan's T.V. on bandcamp.

Written by Diana Cirullo