May 26, 2013

Collective: The Ardorous

Pay attention to this very special art collective who embody "ardor" to its fullest.

Like a lot of people, I first heard of The Ardorous at last summer's Strange Magic exhibit in Los Angeles. I briefly met artist Petra Collins and editor Tavi Gevinson (the show was part of the Rookie Summer 2012 roadtrip too), along with author Miranda July and Hunx from amazing punk band Hunx and his Punx. But those were just the individuals I felt overly compelled to bother. I observed several other influencers and tastemakers from afar, all endowed with flower crowns and multicolor flatforms and genuine smiles. The night was basically a public meet-up of Internet DIY royalty; it was the perfect intersection of the URL fusing into the IRL. The night, that magnetic fusion of two realms of reality, epitomizes the DIY nature of Internet fame, epitomizes The Ardorous. A platform for female creative professionals to showcase individual and collaborative projects, the collective has worked on group shows all over, group projects including a photo spread in VICE's 2011 photo issue that asked six different members to interpret the word "crush" and individual projects showcased at a collective-wide level.

A few artists I'm/my Tumblr dashboard is very familiar with are: Grace Miceli, Arvida Byström and obviously, The Ardorous curator Petra Collins of Rookie/Urban Outfitters/several other publications fame. Multimedia artist Grace Miceli, reigning from Chicago, creates original caricatures of several figures including girls who usually have a characteristic obsession with the internet ie girls who are "in a relationship with [their] computer[s]" ie us. Artist Arvida Byström from Stockholm pushes heteronormative expectations with her collections of men dressed as teenage girls and females in everyday situations with their period blood showcased in the photographs. While browsing the The Ardorous, I came across Byström's iCry which was especially inspiring, self-declared "voyeuristic gifs" of people looking at their Apple products emblazoned with a sad face on an Apple logo.

The Ardorous artists seamlessly combine social commentary, gender empowerment activism and art into a package of Internet DIY that is simply impossible to ignorable. "Ardor" in the about section, links to the dictionary definition: great warmth of feeling; fervor; passion. I, although unfamiliar with the term before, can see it completely defines the collective. Although Internet DIY and friendship can so often be based on nepotism or ~connections~ like everything else in the creative world, The Ardorous seems different. The collective presents a united front while simultaneously allowing the very individual voices and perspectives of the artists to proliferate through the art world themselves. The Ardorous are the female art voices of tomorrow showcased here today.

Learn more about The Ardorous on their website.

Ritu Ghiya, a NYU "bb", is extremely passionate about surrealist literature, technology and experimental R+B. Her dream is to become the perfect blend of Solange and MIA on her existential journey to read more and blog more.