April 14, 2013

Zine: Sad Girls Issue #1

It's okay to feel sad.

"You are handsome in the way that dead presidents are." It was this line, in the words of contributing artist and poet Grace Lee, that really set Sad Girls' tone for me. Because don't we come into contact with that longing, lamenting sort of feeling all too often? The one where you admire what you have not quite in front of you, see it for what it is and recognize something beautiful is there, but that perhaps it's the age or the fact that it's out of reach that makes it so appealing. That maybe if it was really actually in front of you, you wouldn't like it as much. And that's quite sad. Perhaps this isn't what Grace meant at all, and this could be why Sad Girls, with its ultimately dark (more of a melancholy, really, like a light purple or something) undertones are more endearing than the lingering feeling of sadness often is.
Sad Girls is curated by Leah Goren, whose water colored lettering and lovely depictions of the various artists can be found throughout. Sad Girls doesn't just feel like a zine, but a work of art that functions so cohesively, I can't imagine the works on their own. The pages are filled with illustrations, photographs and poetry by eight women, each containing the same sadness I mentioned earlier, the one that strangely draws its readers in by tapping into those deep seeded feelings we sometimes try to push under the surface.

What I think drew me in so firmly was the acceptance of these feelings; while the art peppered throughout Sad Girls' pages are undeniably melancholy, what doesn't accompany them are sensations of shame. A picture of a girl standing in the rain and looking into the window of a pet store at a sweet little dog; two girls dancing shyly with one another; another curled up on the carpet with a book at her feet - though the depictions undoubtedly spark feelings of loneliness, these are all common pictures we encounter daily, and therefore aren't something to shy away from. They're just inherent states of being. Sad. People feel sad. And sometimes it can be really lovely, though at the time, it might not quite seem that way.

Sad Girls is a lovely piece of pastels and ordinary girls in an in-ordinary light, available in print and on the web. Check out issue #1 and #2 here.

Written by Molly Morris