April 7, 2013

Zine: Daisy Chain #1

Two girls from Auckland, New Zealand curate a summer-inspired zine.

Have you bought 3 bottles of SPF? Gotten those shorts out from the back of your closet? Drank nothing but Arnold Palmers all week? Because summer is almost here folks and if you haven’t started gearing up already, you certainly will be after reading Daisy Chain #1. The 28 page publication is “a summer zine exploring escapism, adventure and discovery.” And boy does it! This zine, hailing from two girls in Auckland opens with a postcard that reads “Greeting from Rainbow Falls.” Turns out, New Zealand is so lovely, it actually has a place called Rainbow Falls as part of it’s geography. Wish I was there indeed.

The girls title the first section “Create Your Own Paradise” because having the perfect summer vacation doesn’t mean to jetting off to exotic whereabouts or having a fling with a foreign hottie, it can be had right in your own backyard. Daisy Chain even shows you how to create your own pool (in your head, but with commitment you could be swimming laps in the biggest baddest imaginary pool out there). As a girl from suburbia, USA, this section resonated with me. And as the segment says, “you’re the curator, here.” Having the zine start with such a DIY sentiment is good because it sets up how the rest of the zine is to be viewed. You don’t have to be perpetually frowning in your bedroom because you’re stuck at home. Daisy Chain encourages its reader to make the best of what’s been handed to them. 

A standout section was the "Create Your Own Paradise" photo series by Georgia Johnstone. It’s short, only three pictures, but when I looked at them together they seemed to depict the stages of summer: the boredom, followed by the playfulness, and then the period of reminiscence at the end, where you wonder where it all went. And just when I started feeling all nostalgic and sad, Daisy Chain hits me the all important-summer playlist! Aptly called “Shangri-La Tunes!” It’s filled wit the usual suspects, Best Coast, The Beach Boys, and Washed Out, to name a few. But throw in some Carole King, and we’ve got something a bit more interesting. Inside we also find a summer “to-do” list of sorts, but it resembles more a Caribou Coffee cup rather than a conventional list of things to do in your summer. Am I actually going to fly a kite and make a list of people I miss? No, probably not but the idea of it is nice.

Check out Daisy Chain Zines here.

Keerthi Harishankar, an NYU sophomore, who has stress dreams about being stuck on a never ending subway. Her passions include cold pizza, comedy television, and hot pizza. She's basically the rap game Tina Fey, as evidenced by her blog